Portuguese music for cello and piano

03.04.2016  at  19.00 h

Ana Luísa Pereira, violoncelle
Pedro Costa, piano

29, rue des Sables
1000 Bruxelles

Manuel Durão: „Die Tür“ (2011)

THE PORTUGUESE CELLO- Portuguese music for cello and piano

The Portuguese music, in spite of its great potential, remains closed to the international public and is still little known. Few support and funding for editions also lead to a lack of interest in performing and expanding this music.
Before the twentieth century, music made in Portugal was still delayed, compared to central Europe. The reason was, probably, the geographic location of the country, not allowing Portuguese composers to follow the cultural evolution lived throughout Europe, or be influenced by other European composers. However, in the beginning of the XX century, along with the foundation of two main music conservatories and a major focus in the dissemination and creation of music works, portuguese music was revived, and since then follows the linguistic trends and innovations of the modern music. This recital shows only a part of Portuguese music for cello and piano. Our goal is to present not only mid-century composers, as the greatest Luiz de Freitas Branco, Fernando Lopes- Graça and Joly Braga Santos, but living composers as well: the vastly recognized Fernando Lapa, and young composers in early career, Manuel Durão and Filipe Pinto. There is also a certain
symmetry in the program: the first part focuses on the living composers and second on composers who already aren’t among us; both parts of the recital begin with an Aria of Joly Braga Santos; and each part also has a Portuguese folk music collection, one of the most important legacies of Fernando Lopes-Graça. Finally, the great climax will be achieved by the Luiz de Freitas Branco remarkable Sonata, known for its virtuosity, beauty and charm.
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